Choose your Shopify Carts Designs, or create your own cart design to match your brand.

Create A/B Split Tests of your cart designs, see which version is better, increase your conversion rates.

Choose one, two, three cart designs. Duplicate a basic cart design, and extend it to your own needs.

Collect more revenue, run a/b split tests, offer your customers extra services, make more money, increase your profits, and increase your average order value with Supercart.

Supercart Dashboard showing multiple Cart Designs
A supercart cart structure

Run A/B Split Tests

Create A/B Split tests between 2 or more carts, or multiple cart versions of the same cart. Increase your conversion rates with the best version.

Supercart dashboard showing A cart Design with 2 A/B split versions

See your profits coming in

Add your own Supercart Extra Services, Upsells, Bundles,
set your own rules, and wait for your profits. Some of merchants are earning 1 year worth of Supercart subscription from day 1.

Try Supercart on your store, and let us know how can we help you get the most of it.