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Shopify Carts with Extra Services, Upsells, and Bundles

There are only 2 ways to grow your store: get more customers, and increase each customer's lifetime value. Supercart will help you increase your conversion rates and customer average order value.

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Why Supercart?

See what our clients are saying, and try it yourself.

Supercart makes a difference not only on the topline but also on the bottom line. It increased our profits while also allowing us to provide more services to our customers.
The app and customer service is amazing. We wanted to find an app where we could offer extended warranty, we found this and couldn’t be happier. If you want an easy to use app, with exceptional customer service, you need to try this. Would definitely recommend.
Supercart is hands down one of the best cart systems I have ever seen on Shopify. Instantly after turning on I started making money with shipping insurance and donations. Over 70% of my orders are getting upsells. I am currently two weeks in, and supercart has generated me over $7200 extra. Starting off the user interface can be very daunting, but the developers worked around the clock with me because I knew I wanted to implement the features. It is 50000% worth it.
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Unlimited Blocks. Unlimited Possibilities.
Unimaginable Additional Revenue.

Increase your Profits, Conversion Rates, Average Order Value, and Customer Happines

Purchase Protection

Protect your orders, keep the profits, make your customer happy.

Priority Processing

Your VIP customers needs better attention. Treat them with priority.

Green Packing

Use renewable packing materials, save the environment and make some profit.

Gift Packing

Your customers want to make gifts to their loved ones, help them with Gift Packing.

Extended Returns

Increase conversion rates with Extended Returns, when you have a low return-rate, this extra service is pure gold.

Extended Warranties

Some items needs extended warranties, you can offer this service to your customers with Supercart.

Handling Fee

Some items are heavy and they require better attention. With this, the handling fee will be mandatory in cart.


Getting donations is a huge plus if you want to support any cause. Don't rely on 3rd-party providers. Keep your donations.

A/B Split Testing

Split test between your cart design and discover which version will increase your conversion rates.


Dynamic manufacture calendar with better options. Charge different options depending on your manufacture speed.

Cart Upsells

Automated cart upsell straight in the cart. Setup your triggers and your customers will buy the right combinations of products at the right time.

Cart Bundles

Some products are better together. Create your own bundles, and your customers can purchase all products from a bundle with a single click.

Cart Reviews

Show your customers you are trustable. Cart Reviews will make your customer to take his final decision to buy from you.

Trust Signals

Show badges, payment methods, or other widgets like Trust Pilot, Yotpo and custom html tags straight tin cart.

Dynamic Collections Recommendations

Create your own triggers by item count, cart total or products available in cart, to upsell a different collection based on your triggers.

Easy To Use Cart Designer

Drag & Drop designer to stying your cart to match your own branding. Colors, Fonts, Blocks, Html Blocks, Line Items, Supercart Extra Services, Supercart Upsells, Cart Reviews, you name it...

Supercart helped Shopify Mercahnts to generate over $16m in less than 1 year

Supercart Designer with all Tools
Supercart Multiple Cart Designs

Design your own or choose from our multiple Shopify Cart templates

Optimized for conversions

An image showing Supercart Product Upsells

Get more on each order with Supercart Dynamic Upsells

Our powerful recommendation system, will show your customers, the perfect product, at the right time.

Why spend money of ads, when you can increase your AOV and CVR?

Supercart is optimized for happiness.

Your hidden revenue is one-click away.

Reinforce your Customer Trust, and create a personal store fund which you can re-invest in your business.

Don't leave money on the table, offset the cost of lost, stolen, damaged shipments, and make your customers happy in the same time.

Supercart Extra Services showing all extra services with their features
Advanced Supercart Statistics

Advanced Statistics

See how your conversion rate will sky-rocket. See what service works best for your store.

When the claims are low, you call that profit, order by order, your fund will grow big.