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Shopify Extended Warranty

Give your customers more trust in your products by providing an extended warranty on your products.

Publish Supercart Service

Increase your conversion rates by offering your customers extended warranties.

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Shopify Extended Warranty
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Dynamic Service Subtitle

You have the ability to change your Supercart service subtitle from a static subtitle to a dynamic subtitle whenever your merchant is adding or removing the extra service from his cart.

Change your service subtitle when service is ON or OFF

Fixed Fee and Dynamic Fees

When you have you fixed fee, the service fee is fixed. When you use the dynamic fee, the service fee is calculated from the cart total price. Just set your own percent fee.

Fixed Fee and Dynamic Fees

Popup Description

Explain your customers why they should add or keep your Supercart extra service to their orders.

More details to your extra service inside a popup

Checkbox or Toggle Switch style

When you set the toggle switch or checkbox,
you can change the style of the toggle.

Checkbox or Toggle Switch Style

Adjust your dynamic service fee.

If you want fees like $1.99 or $2.98, use reduced cents to subtract from your fixed and percentage fees.

A $0.02c reduction will decrease $0.02c from all fees.

$3, will become $2.98

Reduced Cents

Customize your service

You can style your Extra Services block in your cart version area.

Then you can duplicate your cart version and run several A/B Split tests.

Service Customization

Upload your icon or use ours

You can create and change the service icon, or use our icons. Simple as that.

Service Icon

Automatically Add To Cart

Some customers are lazy, that's why we created the automatically add to cart feature. Our Shopify merchants have seen 50% more extra services added to their orders after they enabled the "automatically on" feature.

Automatically Add To Cart