A/B Split Tests

Design your A/B Cart Version and increase your conversion rates

Design your cart version

Our New Design System, allows you to add, re-order or hide your cart blocks.
Preview your changes before you publish the updates and style the cart the way you want.

Supercart Dashboard showing the cart designer area

View all A/B versions from a cart design

  • On the cart design page, you see all available cart versions for that cart designs.
  • Here you are free to create 3 (three) different versions
Supercart dashboard showing the cart versions areaTry Supercart on your Shopify Store today

Duplicate your Cart Version

When you click on the "Add Version" button, it will create a duplicate from your main cart design.

Supercart dashboard creating a new cart design version

Now you have 2 cart versions.

Customize your second cart design, and when you are ready click publish.

Supercart dashboard showing 2 A/B split test versions