Dynamic Upsell Collections

Trigger multiple recommended products based on your own rules and triggers, straight from your existing collections

Display trigger options on your Supercart Upsell

Display your upsell when a certain product is added to cart.

With Supercart 2.0, you are free to add as many upsell collections as needed, the trigger functionality will show your upsell at the right time.

1. Show your upsell when a certain product is available in a cart.

2. Show your upsell when the item count matches your trigger

3. Show your collection when the cart total matches your trigger.

Grid version

There are multiple ways to display your recommended products.

Supercart Upsells Grid Version inside the Cart Editor
The Supercart Upsell Slider version on a real Shopify store

Slider Version

Whether you like a grid or a slider, or both in different collection, with Supercart you can do that.

Product Card

Choose how would you like to style your card.

01. Row
02. Column
03. With / Without Padding
04. Image Fit - Contain or Cover

Supercart edit a product card.